Domain extension

Choosing a right domain name very important role in blogging and seo . There are hundreds of different types of domain name extension available but it is confusebale for newbies because they don’t have an enough idea to choosing a powerful domain extension. Here I am giving a brief idea to choosing a right domain.

Some people go with cheap domain name like .xyz , .info , ooo , .online etc . But in my experienced its not useful for traffic and ranking . Many people facing a traffic and ranking issue because they already bought a wrong domain extension and also they dont know how to use proper seo for domain . So if you really want to start a blogging then choose right domain names.

Quality of domain extension

Now we are talking about good quality or popular domain extension name . Which is evergreen start with .com very old extension also its globally popular . When we serach any topics on Google you will see most of the website still ranking with .com . And if you dont buy a. Com then instead you can go with country specific domain name like if you are from india then domain extension like .in . Some popular country specific domain example –

Domain extension ( country specific ) country Name
.au Australia
.jp Japan
.PK Pakistan
.uk United kingdom
.usUnited states

These are the some popular country specific domain so now I hope you understand about domain name and extension.

Where to buy domain

Lots of domain providers available in the market here I am providing a some of company name –

Godday Site
Namecheap Site
Bigrock Site
dynadot Site


Finally we can say that don’t waste your time with free domain or low quality domain extension. if you have any query about domain related confusion then feel free to comment here.

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