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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

SafeLinkConverter Review - Make Money By shorten Links with Adsense

Make Money By Shorten Links 2016 : Hi Guys,
Are you bored with apps downloads for money ? or you think they are fooling you any way here is the great site for you. Now you can earn money directly on adsense or on safelinkconverter account wih this best link shortening site 2016. Safelinkconverter are paying very higher than other link shortner sites.

About Safelinkconverter Link Shorten Site :

Link Shorten sites is the site where you can get Long Url into very short Url like http://www.tipsntrick.in/2016/08/get-free-unlimited-4g-internet-data-at-rs-1.html and this url will be shorten to http://safel.ink/0cY73 so when some visit on this link you will get money directly to adsense or link shorten site.

For Check visit http://safel.ink/0cY73

short link and earn

How To Earn Money With Safelinkconverter Link Shortner Sites 2016 ?

1) Sign Up on SafelinkConverter Here

2) Fill the required details

3) Verify Email Address

3) Shorten any link like http://www.tipsntrick.in/

4) Start earning money

Payout Rates Of Safelinkconverter :

Payout rates of safelink converter is very high you can earn huge if people from US UK visiting from your link you can even share you link on facebook whatsapp and any other sites.

Earn with shorten Payouts rates

SafelinkConverter Payment proof :

see the payment proof of safelinkconverter adding mony directly to adsense

safelinkconveter proof

Enjoy ! Keep visiting Keep Sharing

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