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Saturday, 1 October 2016

All Airtel Tricks & Offers Free Internet Trick in October 2016 (Updated)

How to Get Free 4g Internet On Airtel By dialing a USSD code without any Charge New Tricks

1. Go to Dial
2. Dial 52122 from your airtel sim
2. Now wait for a message that informs you about this offer - " You got 1GB 4g data Free on your airtel number"
3. check your 4g internet data balance by dialing *121*2#

Confirm that you got the free internet data. For More Information Visit


Note - use the data only after confirming data balance by checking using *121*2# and one think you need to know about this offer which will open only if you click on ads.

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Airtel Free Browsing Cyber Cafe Offer - Browse Free Internet for 1 Hour At Rs 5

  1. First Of All Dial *121*8# from You Airtel Number
  2. You will see a message on Your Mobile screen reply it with 1
  3. Again You will see a message on your screen 
  4. Reply again it with 1
That's done You will get free browsing of airtel internet at just rs 5 for one hour so hurry up enjoy and share this airtel offers with your friends.

Exclusive Trick:  Idea Internet Trick

Get Free 100 MB Internet Data for Airtel (All users)(Expired)

Hello guys. I am Posting all airtel tricks free internet trick, free airtel 3g trick airtel dns trick, airtel free net, airtel free internet tricks for android, free internet on airtel.
Now Get 100 MB Free Data in Airtel with My Airtel app and paytm offering 100MB free data just for linking paytm wallet to airtel money. This is great offer and This offer is valid for all users. So hurry Up and enjoy with this airtel offer.

Steps To Get Airtel offer :-

  • Install My Airtel App here
  • Register Your Airtel Number with My Airtel App With OTP,Which will be sended to your Airtel Mobile
  • (Skip Above 2 Steps If You Already Have Installed My Airtel App In Your Mobile)
  • Now,Open the My Airtel app. You will see a banner regarding this offer
  • Click on the banner
  • You will be redirected to Link your Paytm Wallet with My Airtel App
  • Link Your Paytm Wallet With My Airtel App With OTP That Paytm Will Send On Your Registered Paytm Number
  • Thats It! 100MB 3G Data will be credited to your Airtel Number Instantly

Airtel Tricks To Get Free Unlimited 3G Internet in October 2016

We are back with another airtel tricks, this airtel free internet trick working in October 2016. This 3g free internet trick working all over india and also tested previously i posted reliance unlimited internet trick , now i am posting free internet in airtel 2016 with opera handler.
After a long time we’re again here with Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited. In this trick i’ll show you how to use Free Airtel Internet with simple tweak so every one can use this trick to use surf or download unlimited net in Airtel for free. The interesting part is that this tricks works for 2G , 3G and 4G too. Yes, you heard right ! Speed may go down sometimes but it is working fine with good reception. Using This Trick You Can Now Make Your PC or Android Mobile Free Downloading Support. You Can Download Any Files With this tricks . In case if your Airtel Sim is Blocked , you can unblocked by using this method . After that , just follow the Steps given below .This trick is based on simple tweaks. This trick work on both PC and Android Mobiles .

How to get free internet in airtel 2016 (October):

  • First of all download opera handler, it is easily available in google
  • Now go to setting in your phone and put following APN :
                1) Name : Tipsntrick.in
                2) APN : airtelgprs.com
                3)Proxy :
                4)Port : 80
  • Now save the setting
  • Now open opera handler and put following front query :

  • Now save it and enjoy.

Please keep in mind that don't use huge amount of data with this airtel unlimited internet trick because they will block your sim be careful, share and enjoy.

Airtel Free 3g Internet 2016 trick 2

Features of Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited

  1. Working With High Speed.
  2. It also HTTPS Supported – No Worry About It.
  3. This Trick Also Download Resume Supported.
  4. Apps also supported !!

Requirements for Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited

  1. Airtel 3G or 4G Enabled Sim card.
  2. Maintain main balance of Rs. 0
  3. Data Pack Not Required .

Using Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited

  • First of all Download Any VPN . I’ll recommended you to use Droid VPN . In case, if you don’t have Droid VPN installed in your Android Mobile, you can download it by clicking here
  • Now you have to Install it.
  • After installing, just open it.
  • Now go to Settings > HTTP Headers .
  • From there, tick on Enable HTTP Headers.s
  • Now in the Custom HTTP Headers fields, put any one of these
  • First One. Download limit is 250-300 MB Total
  • Host:airtellive.com X-Online-Host:airtellive.com
  • Or Use This . This one May be Unlimited Not Tested more than 1.9 GB.
  • Host:
  • X-Online-Host:
  • That’s it. You’re done now.

After getting this Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited , please don’t share this trick on your blog or openly, You can share it with you real life friends and family, but don’t share it online, as this trick will not get blocked easily, until someone doesn’t share the trick openly online. Otherwise, you will face problem, as its not that much easy to make new trick.

If this Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited works in your area, please comment here with your state name and the speed you are getting

Airtel Free 3G Internet 2016 Trick 3


Here are some working Free Hosts List Which is Tested and Confirmed working in many states in India
you can even replace it one by one to Test its efficacy and speeds
- See more at: http://www.coolztricks.com/2016/01/airtel-free-internet-2016.html#sthash.zxboZF4e.dpuf

Airtel 3g Free Internet Trick 4


Here i found some working Proxies for Airtel Free Internet in 2016 which is tested and found working in many states
As You all Know That Proxy Tricks Are most Loved as one doesn't have to set much and download any extra apps just set The Proxy and you are ready to Go For Free 3G Internet in Airtel

Below is the List of Working Proxies for Airtel Free Internet:

  • 4everproxy.com OR
  • ( try this first)
  • youtubefreeproxy.com
  • freevideoproxy.com
  • zendproxy.com
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • OR Jetproxy.com
  • OR proxy.hmastuff.com
  • german-proxy.de
  • prx.im or
  • webproxy.stealthy.co
  • 0000a-fast-proxy.de
  • www.air-proxy.com
  • (resume supported)

And Use Port as -80

Idea Latest New Free Unlimited 3G Internet Proxy Trick October 2016

How to Use Idea New 3G Unlimited Free Internet Proxy Trick October 2016 :

TipsnTrick.in Is back with another great offer, now Get Idea Latest New Free Unlimited 3G Internet with Proxy Trick working in 2016, Try This Idea Free Internet New Method, Use Free 3G Internet and Enjoy. Don't forget to share.

Before using this trick, make sure your Balance is Less than Rs.1

Steps For Mobile Users :

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open Network Connection
  3. Then Click on Create New Connection/APN
  4. There you’ll get many input options like Account Name, Access Point, Proxy, etc
  5. Now fill these details :
Proxy or
APN : internet

Port : 80
  1. Now , left blank all the fields . And click Save. That’s It, All the Steps Has Been Completed.
  2. That’s it. You’re done now.

Steps For PC Users :

  1. Open your FireFox browser and open option menu.
  2. Now click on Advance tab and then network tab option.
  3. Now click on Manual connection and then enter the details .
  4. Now fill these details : 
Proxy or
APN : internet
Port : 80

  1. Now save these settings and restart your browser.
That’s it. You have successfully configure your PC Browser and Mobile Setting to use your Free Idea 3g internet. Enjoy free Idea data trick 

All Reliance free 3G Unlimited Internet Recharge Tricks October 2016 (Updated)

Hi guys,

i am back here with another free 3g internet trick. Free Internet Proxies , Free Proxy adress , Free Net Browser It's for reliance network. I think most of you tried the one old and working ' reliance free internet trick for both mobile and PC using proxy '. But it get blocked sometimes. Here is a new trick for reliance using troid vpn application Oct 2016. This trick is only for android mobile users. This reliance free 3g trick October 2016 is based on some free hosts and TCP protocol. There are no much steps for configuring this trick. Also there are no any requirements for working this trick. For other many tricks, there are some requirements like fb plan activated, small data pack or something like this. But for this reliance free 3g troid vpn trick doesn't need any data packs or minimum balance. This trick is actually unlimited, but here we are using troidvpn application to work this free internet trick. Since troid vpn has a daily limit of 100mb per day, this trick is too limited to 100 mb per day. But with a rooted android device we can use more than 100mb in day with troid vpn. techintor.com already published a article on this. So by above troid vpn unlimited trick, u can use this reliance free internet trick as an unlimited trick. I am not much describing , directly going to the tricks steps side. Explained the complete steps to use reliance free internet using troid vpn October 2016.

Reliance Internet Recharge

Reliance Free Internet Trick 1


1. Download Troid VPN application from android playstore
2. Install and open Troid VPn on your android device
3. Now select any free server on troid vpn

4. Then enter Rport- 443 and Lport- 8080
5. Give selection on 'remember me' to avoid erasing your settings on closing app
6. now tap on 'advanced settings' and put

    DNS -  

7. Enter on proxy server as -
      Port - 3128
8. On the headers column, paste any of the below address
m.twitter.com/@ [or] blog.twitter.com/@ 


Host: 0.internet.org/@X-Online-Host: 0.internet.org/@


Host: 0.internet.org/@ 

X-Online-Host: 0.internet.org/@ 

9.Now save your settings and tap on connect. wait for some time and you will be connected soon.

I hope you got connected Troid VPN application and enjoying free internet on reliance. This free reliance 3g internet trick is working in many states. honestly saying that, it is not confirmed in many states. Since the trick doesn't need any data packs or money, try it. There are nothing going to lose by trying. Hope for the best.

If you find this article ' unlimited reliance free 3g internet trick for android users' then please share it on facebook and whatsapp.


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Reliance Unlimited 3G Proxy Trick 2

Steps To get Reliance free 3g unlimited internet 2016 :-

Requiriment for Reliance free 3G Unlimited Internet Tricks 2016  :-

1) Relince SIM With 3G Network
2) Small Data Pack Required
3) Troid VPN 

Now Follow The Steps :

  • First Download Troid VPN
  • Open Troid VPN App and Select any Free Server After Fill up in Rport: 443 & Lport: 0 and Change protocol UDP to TCP
  • Now Click on Advance Settings and Enter this Proxy and port
Proxy :
Port : 8080

  • Hader : m.twitter.com/@ OR blog.twitter.com/@
  • Now Save above settings Now Connect and Enjoy

Note : You can Use 150 MB Daily But if you need to unlimited browsing then use Xposed and Xprivacy Installed Xprivacy

Reliance 3g Internet Trick 3

Reliance New Working High-Speed 3G Frontquery Trick For Both Opera/Uc Handler Users in 2016, No Speed Capping Issue While Using Uc.

Steps To Use Reliance free 3G GSM Unlimited Internet in 2016 :

  • Create New Apn Settings-
  • apn : rcomnet or rcomwap
  • proxy :
  • port : 80
  • Now Open Opera (or) Uc Handler And Put
  • Any Below Frontquery:-
Now Enjoy Unlimited Browsing & Downloading.

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Friday, 30 September 2016

How To Get Airtel 3G Internet Speed in 2G Data Plans 2016

Get Very high Speed or 3G Speed Internet Data in 2G plans in Airtel On October 2016 : 
we have already posted some free internet tricks as well as Free Miss Call Alert trick. Now I am posting this airtel tricks with an awesome tweak. Now you will get 3G Speed at your 2g internet plans or pack and you can download any big files as well. so don't wait any more enjoy this trick before it will not work.

airtel 3G speed

How To Get 3G speed In 2G packs In Airtel :

1. First of All Activate Any Small 3G plans.

2. Then simply activate 2G plans that you want to activate.

3. Now Open Uc Browser and use more than 100 MB or Download Any Big File.

4. You will Get 3G speed at 2g Internet Plan but be careful and don't turn off your Internet Data From Your Device.

5. Now You Will Get Internet Data At 3G Speed.

Important : Don't Turn Off Your Mobile Data. if you turn off you will lost your speed.

So Enjoy 2G plans with 3G speed In airtel. Keep Visiting and Keep sharing.

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Free Recharge website

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